Todd Stevison

Hey guys! I absolutely love what I get to do every day, which is serve in Jesus’ Public Church. I’m also so grateful to do what I love alongside the lady I love, my gorgeous wife, Whitney. Jesus has used Public Church to give us the opportunity to serve, lead, and invest in others together, which is something we have always wanted. My role is serving as our Lead Pastor, which provides me the privilege of living out some of my biggest passions. One of my favorite things to do is study and then communicate God’s Word in an authentic and practical way – the entire process of preparing and giving a talk fires me up! I also enjoy almost all things related to vision, including casting and implementing vision, knowing that God’s plans are always bigger than ours. In addition, I find joy in sitting across the table from people—preferably over coffee—to listen to their stories and passions and then speak into their lives. These are all different ways that my job allows me to live out my personal, God-given vision to inspire and unleash people to find their place in the Jesus movement.


Competition is in my blood, so one of my favorite competitive outlets is coaching football at Bradley Central High School. I love our coaching staff and players and consider it an honor to be part of such a special program filled with incredible people. If you are looking for Whitney and me, you can often find us with people. We value relationships and enjoy spending time with friends and family—if an invite involves a cup (or two) of coffee, we are probably in! You might find us at a sporting event, possibly on opposing sides as I root for the Vols and she pulls for Georgia. You can also find us playing cornhole. Whitney loves to compete, too, so we may lose, but we will take on anybody. You also could find us outside Cleveland because we love to travel, especially when those opportunities allow us to serve other local churches across the country and world. Wherever you find us and whatever we are doing, we hope to be loving others and pointing people to Jesus.