“To authentically live and lead others to encounter God in worship.”

Expectations of Public Worship Members

1.    I will actively encourage, empower, & equip other team members.

2.    I will engage in either a Community Group or Public Disciples Group and other aspects of Public Church life.

3.    I will work personally on my craft in order to give our best to the team and above all to God.

4.    I will not cause dissention.

5.    I will approach leadership with concerns, or go directly to another team member if there is an issue with them.

6.    I will be present at rehearsals and gatherings when I am scheduled. This includes being on time for any set up/tear down or scheduled meetings.

7.    I will let leadership know ASAP if I am not able to be at rehearsal or a gathering on a week that I am scheduled. I then understand that if I can’t be there, leadership will attempt to schedule someone else.

8.    I will make every effort to attend team building events, especially if they are on regular rehearsal nights and even at other times.

9.    I will be open to constructive critiques and participate in E4E (evaluations for enrichment) meetings.

10. I will exercise liberty to give creative input and share opinions and in the end I will respect the decision that leadership makes.