Jade Morgan Part 7 

I went on a mini adventure with a couple of friends today to Knoxville. We walked in abundance in this grueling heat, but it was still a good day!

It occurred to me, as I was walking down several flights of stairs, how so very easy and effortless a descent is. It is practically painless and requires little dedication. Once on the downward slope, you could virtually just coast on and on until you reach the very bottom.

The climb to the top is another story entirely. As I ascended the strenuous trek up to my final destination, I was out of breath and in much pain. My muscles were aching and burning with each step I took, but the sight of the top, just ahead, kept me going. I was so grateful to reach it and see the flat terrain before me.

How like life? The way down always seems like it's "no big deal", simple and smooth. However, once you reach the bottom, you have two choices.. stay there, or start making your way the only direction you have to go- up.

The upward expedition will not be near as easy as it was coming down, but the journey up, no matter how long or difficult, will always be worth it.

At the bottom, you'll more than likely end up alone, or surrounded with others at the bottom that cannot build, encourage or push you to be better.

At the top, you are with others who have also made the pilgrimage there. They understand the immense struggle you have experienced to get where you are. They get it. I have found that those like-minded people love to love and embrace others like them. Let them. 


|| Let me know Your ways, O Lord; Teach me Your paths. Guide me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation. || Psalm 25:4-5