Jade Morgan Part 2

Yesterday, while slicing lemons, I cut my thumb. Of course it immediately stung because of the lemon juice, it bled and bled. I put a band aid on it and eventually the bleeding subsided.

Every time I grazed my thumb against something it sent a tinge of pain through my body m. Before bed last night, I took the band aid off and cleaned it. It looked totally fine, no bleeding or redness, although I could see an opening on the tip of my thumb. It was not even hurting that much at all.

Things tend to look different in the morning, I woke up to an ache and throbbing in my thumb. I brought my thumb up to eye level and I noticed redness around the wound, as well as inside. There was no bleeding, but it hurt and was super sore.

I started thinking hard... this injury to my thumb was self-inflicted, a rather small, tiny even, cut. Yet, the pain radiates throughout my hand, arm, and entire body throbbing incessantly.

Isn’t this like life? We can make the smallest compromise or poor decision, it takes a stab at our pride, our morals, our standards, or our heart and it hurts initially, but several hours later we justify it. We push it away, deep down where we don’t think about it or see it, often acting like it never happened.

Then, the next morning we wake up, the pain is back and feels so different, deeper even. It seems every single thing we do reminds us of our affliction, what we did wrong, or what we could have or should have done. Then, before we know it, shame is seeping in, saturating our minds; any truth in our hearts starts to slowly fade.

We hurt. We ache. We feel pain that radiates throughout our entire bodies for days on end. We have a constant reminder of the self-inflicted wound, and we shamefully regret the “what if”.

Pain is an indicator of a problem. Pain is also an indicator that healing is needed. Healing is rarely, if ever, a solo thing. Sure, I could leave my cut exposed without proper care, which would involve cleaning, ointment, and a protective covering, but it would still hurt for a time. Most likely longer than necessary.

Sure, I could ignore the pain, but for how long? Eventually it will start to affect other areas of my body, most especially my mind.

What happens if I don’t clean and care for the wound? Infection occurs that will no doubt spread and will begin a slow ooze into other healthy parts of our bodies.

Our wounds need cleaning and care to enable thorough healing to take place. How long the hurt lasts is really up to you. If you clean it daily, change the bandages, take any necessary medication or ointment, see a doctor if needed etc. The process could take some time depending on the severity of the wound. It also could take a variety of people to help you and walk with you.

No two wounds look the same, nor do any two wounds feel the same to the person(s) afflicted.

Healing can come if you let it. It is a process that may take some time, but it is worth it. I was a pro “stuffer” for years and convinced myself I was good, but eventually the infection from my internal wound crept out into other areas. Eventually, I got to a place where I was totally exhausted and ready to try something. That something for me was Jesus and the Truth of His Word. I knew Him for years, but I never really gave Him a chance. I never let Him in. He became so real to me.

He has healed many of my wounds, from the inside out and some from the outside in. New wounds occur here and there, but now I know how to treat them. How long the healing process is up to me.

Let Him heal your wounds.

He is there, waiting.


|| He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds [healing their pain and comforting their sorrow] Psalm 147:3 ||