Jade Morgan Part 6

This morning, I woke myself up at 5:30 to go watch the sunrise with a friend of mine. This was an unknown place to me, and to be honest, I have never watched the sunrise before. We drove for what seemed like forever, all the while watching the clock. The sun was supposed to rise at 7:19am. The GPS told us we would not arrive until 7:30, but still, we continued on our trek. We ended up going too far and totally missing the turn off. We turned around, parked, and then walked the half mile to the rock. It was full of gravel, tree roots, and mud. I definitely had on Birkenstock sandals too. At different points on the trail, the sun would peek out between the trees. It was like a little teaser that filled us with anticipation of what was to come.

When we got to Snooper's Rock I was completely blown away. The forest opened up to the most beautiful sight. The sun was just coming over the mountain on the other side. The fog was lifting off the water. Unbelievably, gorgeous nature that no man can take credit for.

On the drive there, the Lord was already speaking to me and we had not even arrived yet.

It doesn't matter whether you are looking for the sun or not, it will still rise. It doesn't matter if you are running late, get lost, miss it, go too far, or not far enough.. the sun will still rise, with or without you paying attention to it. Just like Jesus, His Will will be carried out no matter what, whether we are paying attention to it or not. Whether we take our time, get lost, avoid or ignore. His plan will be carried out with or without you/us. Choosing Him, choosing to see Him & seek Him out, is more than worth it. No, it is not a smooth path without obstacles. It is not an easy or short route, and sometimes we lose the way and miss Him. Even in a place I had never heard of before, that I didn't even know existed; He was there waiting to be discovered. He will always be there, rising, every day, waiting on us to see Him, to join Him, to choose Him.

|| Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear. • Hosea 6:3 || @ Prentice Cooper State Forest