Jade Morgan


Monday, I finally made it to the eye doctor. It had been a good two years since my last eye exam & I had been experiencing some blurred vision. I knew this was most likely from wearing contacts way too long without changing them. I honestly didn’t know if it was from old contacts, or the inevitable aging process setting in. 

I met with a lady, before the doctor, & she asked me a series of questions about my eyes, prescription, brand of contacts I wore etc. I told her I had been wearing a -6.75 prescription for several years.

The doctor was super knowledgeable. He said he suspected my previous prescriptions were too high & had cause some over correction, which adds strain to me eyes. He suggested I try a -5.50 contacts in trial pair. I went out, washed my hands, sat down at the table & put them in. I glanced around, blinking pretty good & I took in my surroundings. I could see SO WELL. Like, crazy good. I looked into the mirror to my left, which was pretty close, & I was absolutely stunned. When the heck did I get wrinkles around my eyes? I seriously need an eye brow wax. Is this for real what I look like?! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

I finished up my appointment & waked outside to get in my car.. it was like a whole new world. I could see so well it almost hurt my eyes, to be honest. I could not stop grinning, except when I caught sight of my face in the mirror, of course...


Again, through the simplest, every day, mundane thing, the Lord was stirring His Truth in my heart.


I wore an old pair of contacts for so long that my eyes in terrible shape. I could see up close, but it had to be very, very close. Gradually, my farsightedness became more & more blurry until I was squinting so hard that my eyes & head ached from straining. Not to mention the overcorrection of my contacts prescription, which had caused some sensitivity to both light & darkness. 

How long would I have gone with my sight progressively declining? It became my “normal”. I learned to just deal with it & overcompensate, which caused me pain & created internal damage.

How often does this happen in life? Things around us start to become foggy or cloudy, but we keep on the same lenses & continue on with life. Before you know it, you start to change internally, which affects your external perspective. You can only see what is up close & any light creates sensitivity, so you avoid it. The same with darkness, it gets harder & harder to see.. but somehow you keep going not realizing the damage that’s being caused by your own doing. 

Sometimes we need a new prescription, it may very well be a decrease than what we have been wearing for so long, but trust it.. the clarity will come without your overcompensation. This may involve seeking outside assistance from a doctor or specialist to help find the problem & correct it.


Ultimately, it is your choice.


Do you want to see clearly?

Do you even realize the internal strain you have going on that is causing you damage & pain?

Does the light cause you discomfort?


There is such solid truth in the words, “I once was blind, but now I see.”


You cannot truly see without understanding the value of once being lost, & now being found.