Adoption: the Disney Family

An Adoption Update from the Disney Family

What a difference a year can make in one's life. Caleb and I have been in an adoption journey for almost 6 years and it is all about to come to a beautiful close at our court date to finalize the adoption on December 6th!

On May 16th, we received a call that we had been selected by a birth Mom to adopt her child and that she was being induced in four days. So, our family and friends came together and helped us get all the necessities and some fun things together quickly! 

Marshall was born May 21st! We were able to be in the hospital with him for two nights. The birth Mom wanted a closed adoption, which means no contact at all through the whole process. We desired some openness but were ok with that. About seven hours after she gave birth and was ready to be discharged, (she was a trooper) she asked the nurse to ask us if she could come to our room and meet us before she left. This was a huge step for her and we were so extremely excited to get to meet her! We spent about eight minutes together and they were so precious! Full of tears hugs and thankfulness! We know those will be sweet moments to share with Marshall one day! 

To make a long, beautiful story short he had to go spend a week and a half with a family who was picked by our agency through the legal period. They wound up being strong prayer partners in this process and we are thankful to call them friends now!  This was a hard time of worrying and also a time of strong peace that kept saying I have brought you this far, I will not fail you now. 

We brought Marshall home the day he turned two weeks old! It has been the most amazing thing we have ever been blessed to be a part of! It's true when they say we couldn't have imagined it being any other baby for our family, it's true when they say it's all worth the wait, it's truth to say God is always faithful. He is faithful to do what He says He will do and faithful to give you more than you could ever ask or imagine! We feel so humbled to be called Marshall's parents!

We are excited about what the future holds, all the fun and challenging conversations, and with all the prayer and support we know God is preparing us for the journey ahead!