Adoption: the Morrison Family

An Adoption Update from the Morrison Family


That’s the first word I’ll use. We knew from before we were married that adoption would be a part of our story and saw opportunities all around us for that to happen over the years. Despite the opportunities, we didn't feel Jesus leading us in that direction yet and we couldn't understand why. Many times, a story of a child would pull on our heart strings, stir our spirit, provoke a guilt, you name it. However, it wasn’t until around three years ago we knew it was time to prepare, so we did. 


Prayer, training, books, classes, and everything else was underway in our family. If you think those stories affected our thoughts and emotions before, now it was amplified exponentially. Dozens of stories of kids we could do something about were everywhere we looked, on top of actively fostering in our own home. Then, God told us about Baby N. As clear as anything, we knew she was our girl.


This word sums up so many of the words we soon heard. We heard words like impaired, chair-bound, surgeries, palsy, delays, expectancy, complications, and many others we had to look up on WebMD. Then there were her life circumstances with still more words; unknown, addiction, incarceration, and others. Yet with the flood of new information, the most important information we found out was Baby N had a name, Nahshan Brown, and Nahshan was our girl.


God changed her story. From the moment Nahshan left the hospital, she was completely covered with prayer and surrounded by a literal team of people committed to her well being. That team had a name, “The Clifts”, and this family brought new words to Nahshan’s story. They brought words like foster, nurture, dedication, rehabilitation, and LOVE! Their journey in following Christ was and is the example we all should emulate.


One of my favorite words in the world. We brought Nahshan home March 1, 2018. Despite several legal steps to be completed, multiple agencies across two states, and opportunities for the entire process to stall or even stop, we were going to treat this little girl like she’s ours. Most of you met her at a Family Covenant Sunday here at church in March, even though technically she wasn’t legally ours... Who cares, small details, right? 

So weeks and months pass with big changes, and now our conversations are filled with words like schedule, therapy, progress, healing, milestone, surprise. Her life circumstance has words like Dad, Mom, Bubba, laughter, joy, and more.

Now we’re here. On November 1st, our families filled a courtroom to hear a judge read aloud  beautiful words like promise, family, covenant, and forever over Mollie Nahshan Morrison. These awesome words represent an awesome Father who speaks them over us everyday.