Develop a Public Church that invites people to embrace the journey of following Jesus.


Worship God by responding to his unrivaled nature.

This purpose lasts beyond our time on earth and into eternity.



Lead people to be Jesus followers who worship, connect, and serve wherever they are.

The mission for every church and every Jesus follower is the same because Jesus set the mission with his last words on earth. This statement is our way of saying that we will make disciples.



Develop a Public Church that invites people to embrace the journey of following Jesus

Whereas mission is the same for every church, vision is different for every church.

Vision answers the question: How will we fulfill the mission?

We work towards implementing the vision because the vision is our unique way to fulfill our mission.


Core Values

Values flow from and propel us toward our God-given vision.

Therefore, these Core Values drive and motivate us in our daily lives.

·      We pattern our lives after Jesus by weaving him into our every moment.

·      We anchor our lives in the truth of God’s Word.

·      We strategically engage wherever we are to point people to Jesus.

·      We generously pour out our resources for a mission bigger than ourselves.

·      We celebrate wins with a passion to refine.

·      We find joy in the journey and love to laugh.

·      We foster a healthy family atmosphere because we need each other.

·      We choose authenticity because Jesus’ reputation is at stake.

·      We depend on God’s limitless power through prayer.

·      We serve by coming alongside people rather than completing projects.


Behavioral Values

Behavioral Values characterize what we do in our everyday lives. Our leaders should exhibit these values and we should promote these values when hiring/selecting leaders.

·      BUY-IN: I analyze and offer perspective to our leaders while trusting and supporting their decisions.

·      HUMILITY: I listen and learn while recognizing my strengths and weaknesses.

·      RESTORATION: I am being restored and offering restoration to others.

·      RELATIONSHIPS: I prioritize people knowing that true life change occurs through authentic relationships.

·     FAITH: I step out of the boat trusting Jesus to showcase his power.

·    RELEVANCE: I engage culture without compromising Jesus’ values.

·      INTRINSIC MOTIVATION: I am motivated to own the vision and implement the ideas of others.

·      REPLICATION: I unleash others to serve and develop new leaders.

·      RELIABILITY: I consistently follow through on my commitments.



Strategies let us know how we implement the vision.

·      Make Jesus the main attraction

·      Create environments that people love to be in

·      Always make room for one more

·      Look beyond events to build relationships


Unrivaled God

God is holy, meaning that nothing in all of creation begins to compare to God’s greatness, so He reigns unrivaled in the universe. God is three persons in one: The Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. This Trinity is the greatest example of perfect unity and mutual love that exists.

Isaiah 6:3


The Refining Word

The Bible is the written Word of God. He inspired men to write His Word through the Holy Spirit, so what they wrote is without error. All the books of the Bible combine to point to the name and story of Jesus. God uses His Word as a primary tool for refining and aligning us to the pattern of Jesus.

2 Timothy 3:16-17


Created to Worship

Humanity was created by God, in His image, to be good and live in an unhindered relationship with Him. Humanity was created to worship, or respond, to God through our words and actions because of who He is and what He has done.

Isaiah 43:5-7


Separated and Broken

The very first people were tempted by Satan, the enemy of humanity, to choose their way over God’s way, which is sin. This initial sin broke the unhindered relationship with God and brought decay and death into the world. All people are now born in sin and have no ability to resist sin on their own. Humanity is also incapable of entering into a relationship with God and worshipping Him by our own efforts. Part of God’s unrivaled nature is justice, so he must address all brokenness, which includes punishing sin. As a result, the inevitable result of sin is always death and ultimately hell, a place of suffering and eternal separation from God.

Genesis 3, Romans 3:10-12, Ephesians 2:1-4


Jesus Changes Everything

Even though humanity turned from God, He still pursued them.  God displayed His mercy when He sent His son, Jesus, to earth to pay the price for all of humanity’s sin by dying on the cross, though He was innocent of all wrong. Jesus’ sacrifice was sufficient to pay the infinite punishment of all our sins because, as the Son of God, He is of infinite worth. His death was not the end; Jesus rose from the dead conquering sin and death. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He poured out his grace by making a way for humanity to be forgiven of all sins and enter into a never-ending relationship with God. When people choose to surrender to Jesus by placing their faith in Him as the only way to God, Jesus changes them from enemies of God into sons and daughters of God. In this new status and relationship, humanity can again worship God.

John 3:16, Romans 3:21-26, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Ephesians 2:8-10, Romans 8:15 and 10:9-10

Jesus in Us

The initial moment of surrender begins a life-long journey of continuing to place our faith in Jesus. In other words, we choose daily to follow Jesus as He changes us from the inside out. Jesus followers still struggle with sin in this journey, and the enemy, Satan, still tries to destroy them and drive them away from God. However, Jesus sustains us and will finish the work in us that He began. Jesus does not leave us to fight this battle on our own, but He has placed His Spirit inside us. The Holy Spirit transforms, teaches, reminds, convicts, draws, and pours out the limitless power of Jesus in and through us.

Galatians 5:16-17, Romans 8:31-39


Jesus’ Church

Following Jesus is not a solo act. Jesus established His Church, a world-wide community of His followers. The Church is not a building but a gathering of people who unite to fulfill their purpose of worshipping God and their mission of making disciples of all nations. In the Church, Jesus followers should find authentic relationships, great avenues for worship, and numerous opportunities to serve. The Church provides accountability, encouragement, instruction, provision, and real friendships as people pursue Jesus together. The Church is God’s plan to reveal the love and character of Jesus to a world that desperately needs Him. Life and truth are found in Jesus, and the Church carries this message of hope to the world. The Church should be the hands and feet of Jesus as His followers give their lives away to serve people and point them to Him.

Matthew 28:19-20, Colossians 1:27-29, Ephesians 2:10, Hebrews 3:12-14 and 10:24-25


Singleness and Marriage

Neither singleness nor marriage are a "favored" state, as they both offer unique opportunities to serve Jesus’ Church. Being complete in Jesus already, a follower of Jesus is called to love and serve God and His Church regardless of their relational status (which may change depending on the season of life). If single, the example and teachings of Jesus and Paul display the high value of this gift marked by the greater opportunity for undivided devotion in serving God. If married, this life-long covenant relationship between a man and woman demonstrates the love between Christ and His Church, provides the framework for the family, and the only context for the gift of sexual expression.

1 Corinthians 7, Ephesians 5:22-33

No Other Name

Jesus is coming back to finish the on-going process of restoration and all creation will know that he has the name above all names. One day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. There is no other name that is worthy of this but his. Until that day, his church will work, through the power of his Spirit, to lift the name of Jesus high above every name.

Philippians 2:9-11, Revelation 1:7



Death is not the end for humans, but our souls live forever in eternity. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus offers humanity the opportunity to gain eternal life, which begins now as He restores us and continues after death as we enter into an unhindered relationship with Jesus in Heaven. There will be no more sin, sorrow, or death, and all of humanity’s soul-level desires will be satisfied in Jesus. Those who reject Jesus face the judgment of God and receive eternal suffering, an eternity of brokenness, an eternity where humanity’s soul-level desires are never satisfied. Heaven is heaven because of Jesus, and hell is hell because of separation from Jesus.

John 17:3, Revelation. 21:1-8