Sprouts and Roots Director

Job Description

  • The Sprouts and Roots Director will serve within our Families Ministry, leading children (Sprouts: Birth - Pre-K / Roots: K-5th Grade) and volunteers to Worship, Connect, and Serve on and off campus.



  • 100% Buy-in to the Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategy

    • Pray…Critically Consider it…Ask Questions…Buy-in

  • Committed to the Word of God (studying and applying)

  • Live out the Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategy

    • Evaluations will drive towards these.

    • e.g. Behavioral Value of Relational means:

      • You should be able to answer these two questions:

        • Who are you pouring your life into?

        • Who is pouring his or her life into you?

  • 100% Buy-in to the Statement of Faith

  • Committed to a Community Group

  • Support existing marriages through words and actions while also working to value single people to live out 1 Corinthians 7

  • High Standard of Excellence (Relational and Professional)

    • Colossians 3:23 / Titus 2:7-8


  • Overall hours: 15 per week

    • Most of these hours should be gained during Public Church business hours and on Sundays

  • Attend monthly All-Team Meetings

  • Attend weekly Families Staff Meetings

  • Sunday Role

    • Create an environment that children love to be in!

    • Lead the implementation of all Sprouts and Roots activities.

      • The key is delegation through solid replication systems and processes that empower volunteers.

    • “Float” most Sundays to ensure all Sprouts and Roots activities are operating smoothly

    • Continue to implement strategies as determined by the Families Pastor

  • Orchestration

    • Lead the creation and implementation of systems and processes that bring the overall vision to life and lead to measurable wins.

  • Coordinate all Sprouts and Roots Volunteers

    • Ensure every age group is appropriately staffed every Sunday

    • Make sure every volunteer is trained and prepared

    • Ensure that every room and volunteer are properly resourced

    • Guard Sprouts volunteers from burnout by making sure they have time to attend Gatherings, are plugged into a Community Group, and are not being asked to serve too much

  • Recruit new volunteers regularly and as needed

    • Ensure every new volunteer candidate receives a background check

  • On-board new volunteers regularly and as needed

    • Implement the volunteer training process and make sure every new volunteer completes it

    • Simplify and clarify the process from signing up to serving simple

  • Coordinate all childcare for Public Church events as needed

    • Be proactive in looking at the calendar and seeing if there are events that may need childcare

    • Schedule enough volunteers for the number of children expected for the event, and for proper age divisions

    • Schedule volunteers for this well in advance of the event

    • Remind the volunteers one week before and one day before the event

Defining a Win

  • Make Sprouts and Roots easy for parents

    • Parents are the primary disciple-makers for their children, we supplement them

    • They should feel that Sprouts is safe, fun, and important

    • Measurable Wins

      • Kids attend

      • New kids connect

      • Parents partner with us

  • Make volunteering easier

    • Communicate well and a lot with volunteers to make sure they know what is expected of them

    • Measurable Wins

      • Have plans and curriculum available to volunteers early

      • Always have enough volunteers so that one is not having to do the work of many

      • Volunteers are retained

  • Create ways for children in Sprouts to Connect, Worship, and Serve

    • If something you are doing does not foster one of these, can it?

    • This is vital! Children need opportunities in each of these areas for their own spiritual growth

    • Measurable Wins

      • Worship: Provide regular opportunities for children to worship through music.

      • Connect: every child has at least one volunteer or leader who knows his or her name and story.

      • Serve: Provide a regular event for children to serve in an age-appropriate way

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