The Story of Flourish


I remember sitting during a gathering one Sunday thinking, “Okay it’s time to start something for women.” Fighting the idea of it being a typical “women’s ministry” I began asking the Lord to show me what it would look like, how would it be structured, what would be our niche. I am always quick to begin talking and putting the pieces together myself instead of waiting for the Lord. This was one of those things I wanted to make sure was God’s idea not mine.

As I prayed, women within our church who were already pouring into other women began speaking up saying they would love to start something! That was one sign I knew God was up to something. One of my prayers was that he would bring someone to come alongside me to start this journey for our women, and I love how Jesus works because he was already working on someone else’s heart to lead! What I loved about her was that pouring into women was already her lifestyle. She did not change due to a position, but she naturally has a heart for women and Jesus is using her to change lives! As time passed, I met with other ladies, who were also passionate about investing in women to see them connect, serve, and worship together! Jesus was doing His thing! 


In June 2015, the name Flourish was birthed on a plane ride to Romania. As we traveled to Romania to work with the women there and live out exactly what the heartbeat behind flourish would be, God gave us the name. I love that part of our story! As we developed and deepened relationships with the ladies in Romania, Jesus was revealing the vision of Flourish, so this mission journey was key to our start! 


You may ask, what exactly does Flourish mean? Flourish was created because we saw a need for woman to come together and experience life through real relationships with each other and with Jesus. As women it’s easy to put up walls, begin comparing our lives to others, and allow the enemy to tell us we are alone in this world. Jesus spoke many times throughout scripture about the need for community and living life with one another! Therefore, the vision of Flourish is simple: 


Inspire all women to thrive through authentic relationships. 


To achieve this vision, we have a Flourish Leadership team, which serves our woman through planning and leading events, organizing mentoring groups, and offering opportunities to serve the women in our community. We love that each of our events is different, yet all reflect the vision of Flourish. Every event should help build deeper relationships with Jesus and with each other! Our prayer as we began this journey was that Flourish would include not just the ladies of Public Church but also ladies from our larger community.

As a woman, life is tough, and we need each other no matter what church family we belong to or if we belong to one at all – we welcome all ladies! We have loved seeing multiple generations of women come together, and we look forward to more of that!

We invite you to follow us on Instagram “pcflourish” and to join us at our next event because we want to connect with you.

We hope to see you soon!