"How is Your Soil?"

Flourish’s fall event was on Tuesday, September 23. There was much anticipation about this event, as we had not met since the spring. The Vision Team spent considerable time in prayer over what direction God was leading. An important value to us is that each experience looks and feels different. Our two events prior, had been focused on unveiling the heart behind Flourish and why it was started. With the foundation set, we felt it was time to go a bit deeper with a relatable talk grounded in God’s Truth, as well as worship and an intentional response time. 

God led us to Rhonda Weeks and she graciously accepted the offer. Mrs. Weeks felt strongly that she was to speak from Matthew 13, specifically the Parable of the Sower, verses 1-23. However, her focus was not going to be on the Sower, but the soil. The first question asked was, “How is your soil?” The story speaks of four types of soil:

  1. Devoured by birds (v. 4)
  2. Rocky with no depth, therefore scorched by the sun (v. 5-6)
  3. Amidst thorns, thus choked (v. 7)
  4. Good, producing grain abundantly (v. 8)

The condition of your soil can be situational at times. However, more often than not, our soil’s state reveals the state of our soul. 

Are you burned out? God wants to heal you from that.

Are you being choked by weeds that are squelching growth in God? Which can be good things at time, too. 

Are you so distracted by getting more that you give God less? We are just passing through. We do not belong here, but we get so side tracked by the world that we do not let the Lord cultivate us.

Are you bearing fruit? We were created to bear lasting fruit. Every one of us who professes Christ bears fruit that is created to further His kingdom.

Verse 15 says that if we open our eyes, ears, hearts, and let Him work our soul, He will heal us. Inside. Not outside. In the soul, in the soil.

If we will just let Him do what He longs to do, not only will He heal us, but He will give us fruit. We will never link arms with Christ if we don’t cooperate with Him & give Him some room.. room to grow.

What is God’s will for you? To flourish where you are. 

There’s not a step program, or a check list. It won’t always look the same. It’s your journey.

It’s never too late to tend to our soil & grow up- no matter your age or stage in life. 

It’s time. Let God work. It’s time to go with Him. It’s time to say no to the world & yes to Him. 

Let him break up your unplowed ground.