Collin Cooke

Well hello! I am a man who God has inexplicably blessed far beyond what I deserve! I grew up in Cleveland, TN and truly do love it here. I went to Cleveland High School and Lee University, running cross country at both. I met Ashley, my wife, in 2003 and have been smitten ever since! If anyone needs to know this, between the two of us, she is weirder; and I love her for it!! We have three strange, beautiful, non-stop, hilarious sons: Jude, Sully, and Crockett. We all love to be outside, running on the greenway,
riding bikes, or even just going on a hike.

God pulled me into Public Church in 2018 and was certainly developing me for this for years before. I serve here as the Families Pastor, and families are what I am wildly passionate about. God created the family before He made any other institution, and His design is what matters. I love getting to invest in our Sprouts, Roots, and Public Students ministries. But what I am most passionate about is helping parents discover and embrace their role as the primary disciple-makers to their children. I love to meet with people and families, to celebrate great things God is doing or to struggle through the hard times together. I love to study and teach God’s Word and am so thankful for all the opportunities that I have been given to do this, whether in a Gathering, a community group, or a children’s or student event.