Stephen Lawson


My Story of Salvation


I grew up not knowing Jesus. Much of my free time was spent in athletics, and nearly every day, including Sunday, I could be found participating in a sport of some kind. I sometimes played sports through FCA(Fellowship of Christian Athletes) events. When I was in high school I even got baptized as part of a FCA event. I wasn’t really following Jesus and didn’t really attend church, the only times I visited church were on holidays.


Since Sara and I have been together, church has become a part of my life. She and I would have conversations about faith and my past experience. Then one day when we were at the grocery store, I told her I never remembered giving my life to Jesus and asking Him to save me. I was developing a desire to find confidence in knowing Jesus.


One day after the gathering at Public Church I told her I wanted to talk with the pastor. So we went into the hallway with Todd and I told him my story and how I wanted to be saved. I wanted Jesus in my life for real. We prayed and shed some tears. It felt great to have confidence in the work of Jesus in my life.


I am now being baptized to show that Jesus has worked in my heart, and I want to be obedient in following Him.


Jesus is leading me to treat others with more kindness and consideration, and is helping me to trust Him more instead of worrying about the challenges of life. He is strengthening my confidence in His faithfulness, and helping me to be more at peace in daily life. He has given me a desire to serve in everyday life.