Ketmaly Outhavong


I began a relationship with Jesus after getting to know some Jesus followers in my job at Starbucks. I learned from them what the love of Jesus looks like and over time I was able to experience His forgiveness. I realized that as I pursue a relationship with Jesus I am able to experience His freedom and presence in many areas of my life.

When Collin preached about baptism I knew that God was leading me to this step of obedience. Being baptized is very scary for me as I will be in front of many people. However, I know that it is a step that I need to take and God has made that very clear to me.

Since becoming a Jesus follower I see the importance of treating others with the same love that Jesus has shown me. In my job and others areas I have the opportunity to get to know many people, get to know their story, and hopefully share the same love and kindness that my friends showed me as they pointed me to pursue a relationship with Jesus.