Noah Cripe


I have grown up in church, but until recently I haven’t felt God the way I have here the past few months. I started coming to Public Church and began to really feel God move things around in my life, drawing me more and more to Him. I felt I needed to confess my sins and give my life to Him. 

I feel God is leading me to be baptized now because I need to move on to the next step of my walk with Him and the Church. I wanted to fully commit my life to God and show all the people I love and care about. 

Following Jesus is going to change my life in many ways. This will make me put on my big boy pants and spread God's love to people that need it. I’m not sure what exactly that means for me to do as of right now, but I know I need to get involved. 

There have been several people who have walked with me through this journey, but Collin Hubbard and Ty Baker have really held me accountable in all of it. I want to thank them for really making an impact on this walk and this huge decision.