Brittany Bristol

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Tell the story of Jesus saving you.

I said a prayer to ask Jesus into my heart when I was very young, mostly out of fear if I'm being honest and I was baptized shortly after that.

6 months ago, I visited Public Church and said that same prayer to rededicate my life, family, and marriage to the Lord. I came to God broken and ashamed. I was running out of fight and needed Jesus to fight for me. My life was falling apart and I had nothing left to lose. Then Jesus, He lead me to Public Church and put the most amazing people from my past (Jade and Caleb Disney) into my life to help guide me and to grow in Christ. Jesus changed everything, and he has really shown out in my life and I want to share that same joy, and love with others. 


Why is God leading you to be baptized?

I always thought being baptized once was all you needed and since I did that at age 9 I never thought about it again. Until recently God brought it to my attention. I heard a message tonight that talked about renting vs owning. I realized that until 6 months ago I was renting my faith. I wasn't owning it. I wasn't all in, just living. I feel like that I've finally surrendered and given everything to God, I know a whole new meaning of forgiveness, and what his salvation really means, and I want people to see that. 


What does it mean to follow Jesus in your everyday life?

God has done amazing things in my life the last 6 months. He has restored my marriage and changed my heart. I see church as a positive thing now where as when I was growing up it wasn't that for me.
Following Jesus to me, means showing everyone else the love Jesus has shown me. To tell my story and show everyone they can overcome anything they are going through with Jesus by their side. I can't wait to share a podcast or invite someone to church now. I'm excited about being a part of something so much bigger than myself. I want people to see me and SEE the change Jesus has made in me.