Aaron Bristol

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My grandfather was a Church of God minister so I grew up going to church every Sunday and Wednesday. My faith however was based solely on it being what I was told to do or was expected of me. So at roughly 10-11 years old I asked Jesus into life and repented of my sins not completely understanding what I was doing only that I was supposed to. Fast forward 20 years and I found myself in a crumbling marriage, a nonexistent relationship with my children and strung out on pills. I had already been through one rehabilitation program and found myself in another for round two! My wife had been to a few services at Public Church and was invited to community group by Caleb & Jade Disney. I was a bit reluctant at first about going but I knew immdeiately after our first time that it was where God meant for me to be! I had the opportunity to share my personal story the following week and was amazed at the out pouring of love, concern and desire from others to carry my burdens with me! That evening in our closing prayer I asked God for forgiveness of my sins and all wrong doings and to be the Ruler of my life!

 I feel led to be baptized as my outward profession of faith but also for symbolically being washed clean of all my previous sins and rising up a new child of God. Our message this past Tuesday at team night really hit home with me and solidified my decision on being baptized. Am I owning or Renting my Faith!?!?!

I have an immense opportunity to serve God in my sphere of influence. I have the opportunity to be a Christian example and touch lives of hundreds of people a day at work. I also have the opportunity to reach out to individuals who may be struggling with drug or alcohol addiction or recovering addicts.