Zack Zyburt

My story is a long one because I came to came to God in a time where I had a decision to make of either going back to the lifestyle I had been living  - which for 22 years of my life everything was just fine - or making the change that I deserved and that the people around me deserved. which was fine for me because I had morals and values and a great upbringing by my family. I realized that there was more to me than just who I was and building a relationship with God was going to be the ultimate step toward a better version of myself. I’m forever grateful for the guidance of my academic advisor, Dr. Thompson, because he would just show up every time I was wondering where God was. And though it took so much brokenness to get there, I will never forget the morning of November 22ndwhen Dr. Thompson actually led me to and understanding of God, what He had done for me, and what a life of surrender to Him meant. 

Over the past couple of months my life has been changing drastically with work and relationships and other areas. Yet, I’ve found myself closer to God through it all. And because of that, the idea of baptism has been in my head and once again it’s been other people pouring into me that have helped me take those steps toward showing my growth with God and being able to share that unapologetically for everyone to see. I’m extremely thankful for this.

I’ve always found myself in leadership positions and roles and my dad has been the greatest influence of work ethic and protection and love. So to have that relationship with Christ I believe enhances those foundational pieces of who I’ve grown to be and want to become. Ultimately, I want to be an influence for other people who struggle with God or coming to know God because for so long I lived without Him; the only way I can express it is that my life and anyone’s life is infinitely better with Jesus in it. It’s just that simple.