Torrie McIntyre

I accepted Christ into my heart at the age of 6. Throughout my life, everything was surface level in my walk with the Lord and I became more focused on popularity and partying as I entered high school. This was my life for 3 years; I quit going to church and was more or less upset with God for the negative things happening in my life. I got involved in relationships that wore me down mentally and spent all my time trying to make them work. When I graduated high school in May 2018, I felt lost. I had no plans for college and figured that I would end up working my life away. I went back to a place where I knew real peace was. I started going back to Public Church and had been praying that God would send me a community in the church and He did. Community Groups were starting back and I felt led to be apart of one. I couldn't even go in the first time; I just drove past the leader's house. Later that week, I received a text from the leader checking in on me. I couldn't even answer because I was too embarrassed. To my I received another text to reassure me and invite me again. She even suggested we get coffee. When we met, she prayed over me and asked God specifically for things, unknowing that they were exactly what I needed. I felt excitement begin to stir again. I immediately felt right at home when I went to the Community Group and I realized that it was a place with no judgment and open hearts. 

I was tired of living a life where I pretended to be happy and solve my problems with the world's answers (which never worked). God saved me from my sins, from my unhappiness, and from a life that was leading me nowhere. All Glory to Him!

We serve a God who’s love is unfailing. A God who never leaves our side and wants to have a relationship with us. He forgives time and time again. I’m so excited to see the future God has for me and I’m trusting in His plans.

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