Taylor Lane

I didn’t grow up in church, for the most part. I occasionally attended my grandmother’s church with her when I was a young child, but most of my life has been on the outside of the church. Although I didn’t really know who Jesus was and certainly didn’t know that Jesus loved me, I was no stranger to the supernatural realm. I spent the first 17 years of my life in an environment surrounded by addiction and demonic practices. At the age of 16, I began going to church on a consistent basis. In February of 2015, I gave my heart to Jesus. 

After I became a Christian, I found myself practicing legalism rather than truly walking with God. Almost everything I did, I did because church politics and my own self-righteous attitude told me to do it. I wasn’t trying to glorify God, I was trying to glorify myself. After coming to Lee, I spent several months estranged from not just a church, but the Church. In June, I found myself feeling totally lost. It was in my brokenness and despair that I first entered into the doors of Public Church where I was welcomed with more love and acceptance than had ever been extended to me before. It was on June 10th, sitting in the 2ndrow of Public Church, that God absolutely wrecked me and began totally transforming my life. It was there that I truly gave my WHOLE life to the Lord, not just parts of it. Since then I have been on a journey of redemption, restoration, and transformation. It is for that reason that I am taking the step of baptism. God has brought me from death to life and I know no better way to publicly profess it. 

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