Brad Greene

My story begins like so many other Bible-belt Americans. I grew up in church, attending every Sunday because my mother said so. I remember singing out of the old red book and the preacher talking about hell fire and brimstone on numerous occasions. Those conversations do not sound fun at any age, especially at a young one. I remember resting my knees on my Pac-Man rug one evening and praying for Jesus to rescue me from the fire, but I know now that my understanding of Jesus or his life was limited at that time. I was baptized a short while afterwards.

It was not until the age of 17 that I really started to feel something was missing in my life. I had looked in all of the wrong places to fill the void while still attending church regularly. I was hit hard on a Wednesday night youth service. I knew that I had not really been saved at a young age and was missing that special relationship with Christ, but for some reason did not act that night. I met with the youth pastor the next day for several hours and discussed my life, where it was, and where it could be. For some reason, I could not act that day either. It was not until that Friday that I asked Jesus to be the redeeming savior of my life. It was only by love and grace that I was I was able to live for 17 years without dying and living eternity without God. He is good!

Even after my relationship with God had started I have lived through lots of hills and valleys, but I know that each experience gives us the opportunity to learn and grow. I have not been a functioning part of the kingdom of God up until this point in my life, so I decided it is time to publicly declare my faith in God and start using my skills to grow his family. Jesus started his public ministry in his 30's, so I know that it is not too late for me to begin. Please pray that God will reveal his plan for my life and that I would listen and move as he directs.

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