The vision of the Beyond Project is simple: create spaces where Jesus impacts people beyond the room. We are building, but the Beyond Project is so much bigger than a building. It’s about Jesus changing people. We create spaces and opportunities—spaces for people to encounter Jesus and opportunities for Jesus to change lives. Our heart is to see what happens inside the room to change our lives outside the room. Will you join us on this journey? We invite you to come with us, and together let’s step into Jesus’ immeasurably more.


Our Beyond Project consists of three phases. Check out the video below to learn about each phase!

PC_Beyond_4x6_Back - v3 (CMYK) (PHASE 1).png
PC_Beyond_4x6_Back - v3 (CMYK) (PHASED 2).png
PC_Beyond_4x6_Back - v3 (CMYK) (PHASE 3).png

For giving to the Beyond Project, we are taking the approach of a “one fund.” This means that there is no specific designation necessary in order to give to the project. Therefore, when giving through our eGiving provider, Push Pay, please select “tithe” as your giving type.

As we generously give, we are giving to the overall vision and mission of Public Church. This allows us the flexibility and means to ensure we are able to carry out the ministry and day to day operations of Public Church, while still funding the Beyond Project as we walk towards God’s Immeasurably More plans for us.

PC_Beyond_4x6_Front V3 (CMYK).png