We are excited that you are taking this step and auditioning for a part in Public Worship. Feel free to make submissions for multiple parts if you wish. This is the first step in a 4-part process. Throughout this process we will be actively working to get everyone who auditions plugged into other aspects of church life within Public Church.   After we have reviewed and made selections based on these video and form submissions we will take the following steps.

●     Attend rehearsal and sit in with the band.

●     Interview

●     Onboarding (final stage that gets you scheduled to serve and ready to go!)

            We ask that you fully complete the form below. The purpose of these questions is to help us gauge if we have the resources necessary to support you, or if you can provide those yourself. We ask that all instrumentalists, aside from drums and keys, provide at least the instrument itself.


You will be recording yourself performing the videos listed below. You will do so by listening to the song with headphones while singing. Feel free to sing harmony or the lead vocal. After you have recorded at least the two videos for your part (Baritone or Tenor) you will then upload them to youtube and provide us a link in the form listed below. Feel free to upload a third video just showing off and having fun. If you would like to audition for multiple positions, please fill out and submit a form and video(s) for each position. If you have have any questions please email


Do your best to to not simply sing or play the songs. Convey your heart and spirit for worship even through this audition process. The best way to do this is to remember who you are doing this for and to HAVE FUN!